Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Website Rave: weightview.com

One of the things that brides anticipate for their wedding is looking and feeling great in their dress. Because of that, weight loss tends to be a prevalent thought on the minds of brides.

Recently I heard about a website where you can upload a picture of yourself, specify the amount of weight you'd like to lose, and then receive a picture making a projection of how you would look at your target weight loss. Talk about virtual motivation! I decided to give it a try because 1) it's free 2) I really want to loose 15 lbs. but have been lacking motivation & 3) I figured there was something to gain out of doing it (just not weight hopefully!).

So I encourage brides to be, wives that have slacked a little after the honeymoon, or just anyone who wants to achieve a more lean mean babe machine image to visit http://www.weightview.com/.

I dream of being a buff bride. Here were my results. Go easy with the comments! lol.




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