Thursday, November 13, 2008

The life of the party!

Ok so we know that the vows will evoke tears, the food will make you roll your eyes to the back of your head, and the decorations will make you say wow. But lets get real- when your guests leave, one of the main things they will be raving about is the music!

Some brides hire bands, some hire DJ's, others do both. Music was a very important factor for me. My father is a DJ and he comes from the old school, so I know my stuff! While I'm sure he would be willing to bring out his one's and two's and spin his records on the turn tables, having my dad DJ at my wedding was NEVER an option. On that day his main priority is to just be my dad and watch his "little girl" become a wife.

Yesterday's confession was that I booked my florist before signing the venue contract.
Um, I have yet another confession! Yes...I booked my DJ before the venue as well! Of course, the venue was holding my date for me. But because of that, I got the ball rolling on booking vendors right away.

It was very important to find a DJ who had knowledge and experience in music from my culture. When researching, I came across Raphael Gordon from Music Mixed Intelligently. He does weddings, corporate events, and much more. We spent almost an hour on the phone when I first called to inquire about his services. When Mr.Golden and I met him to go over details and sign our contract, he gave us some of the best marriage advice I'd ever heard. He's truly a personable guy and an extremely talented DJ & MC.

Whether you're hiring a band, a DJ, or both, make sure that it is a company who you are compatible with. They should be able to play music that is authentic to your personality, culure, and even more- make your guests get up on their feet and dance like there's no tomorrow!

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