Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I've been MIA!

Hello out there blog world! It's been a couple of days since my last post and although I wish I had some awesome excuse like vacatioing in Paris, sadly that's not the case! Instead, my excuse is that I had the cooties. Remember my contagious little sister with the stomach virus that I told you about? Yea, that pretty much sums it up.
My entire family was sick and boy oh boy were we a pathetic sight to see. We could barely take care of ourselves let alone each other. But you know what? I can't complain. Instead of saying that this was the worst Christmas ever, I have to say that it was best because it made me realize how important health is. Damn the tree, damn the presents, if I could have asked Santa for anything, it would have been quality time with my family and good health.
So enough about that! Here are some other updates:
  • Bridal Party Luncheon: I still have to work on the invitations although I do have all of the supplies. I also have someone from Metamorphosis, which is a makeup company coming to do skin analyzers and evaluations on some of my girls. I believe that the lady may be giving me a makeup trial as well but I have to secure the details. I also don't have a mehndi artist yet and I'm slightly nervous about my budget for this, so I'm playing it by ear. I did find a company, I just want to see if the budget will allow for it before I make the official call.
  • The Wedding Singer: I have not blogged about this yet, but I'm having someone sing at our ceremony. The person is actually an up and coming artist and he has been all over the place recently doing shows and promoting his album. I sent him an email a few weeks ago asking if he would record a video dedicated to me signing acapella to post on my blog{yea, I know I'm bold!}. I hadn't heard anything from him and I was getting nervous. I said to myself, "Vanessa, you are crazy, this guy is busy and getting major attention. He may not even be able to do your wedding when the time comes." And then in the wake of my sickness, I received an email back from him saying that he'd gladly do it when he gets back from performing in Atlanta!!! Woohoo, I'm ecstatic. I must be one special lady because I don't think he's ever done that for anyone else! More on him in a few weeks!
  • Wedding Shoes: I had to send my wedding shoes back for an exchange. When I received them, one of the bling links were broken. I'm actually a little nervous to wear them because the heel is super skinny, but I will WORK them! Someone asked me how can I order my shoes when I don't have my dress yet. ::smiling coyly:: Well, I'm having my dress custom made, so the designer can design the dress around the shoes! Watch out now! lol.



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