Monday, December 22, 2008

Don't call me a micro-manager...I'm just HELPING!

My mom and my bridesmaids are in charge of my "surprise" bridal shower and although it's a little far off, I have already begun obsessing over it. And why am I obsessing over something that I have no control over? Hmm, well because I can sometimes be a little bit of control freak {there, I said it!}. And besides, I'm only getting married ONCE!

I've mentioned before that my mom and I are very close and I know it's killing her that she can't confide her ideas in me. I have been coined the creative one in the family, but I have full faith that my mom teamed together with my fabulous partner Eliana from By Your Side Events will give me theeee bridal shower of alll bridal showers.

So, I've taken the initative to put some "ideas" together for what I would hypothetically put together if I were to perhaps, kinda-sorta, plan my bridal shower. LOL.

This one's for you momma! :wink wink:

The lady of the hour has to be dressed to the nines. I'm thinking something very chic and stylish like this little number below. I am one good click away from ordering this dress!

Tip: Capias {shown below} are so 1980's and who really keeps them? I don't! A simple wrist corsage will work fine for me. And I'm sure guests will be happy that you've spared them from a hole in their clothes.

OK, back to my helping vision!

The theme would be "Garden Tea Party Meets Kentucky Derby". Yea, I know it's a bit far fetched, but it would be a lot easier for me to show you than tell you what I mean.

Ladies would sport their best Sunday hats:

Lady Diane Hats

I'm liking this little peacock number below for me. Can you say, "Westbury Manor"!

Mr. Golden is no exception to the rules! Maybe he can coordinate with me in something like this:

It would be held in a restaurant solarium:

Or perhaps a backyard tent affair:


Centerpieces would be a mixture of flowers placed in teapots:

From You Flowers

Rachael Ray

And flowers placed in hat boxes:


Calyx Flowers

Stay tuned for tomorrow's continuation of food, dessert, favors, and other "hypothetical" inspirations. I promise I'm just helping!

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