Thursday, December 18, 2008

Date Often and Be Youthful

Even though Mr. Golden and I aren't married yet {}, we're technically past our honeymoon stage. This January will make six years that we've been together and it is very important to us that our love doesn't become stagnant. Therefore, we try to make it a habit to go on dates every so often {even though it's a little hard while planning a wedding}, to keep our love youthful and fun.

There are two places that are not your typical dates, but can prove to be romantic in its own way:

Make Meaning is a pottery shop in New York City where you can pick out and paint a unique pottery piece. Don't be fooled by it's child friendly nature. Aside from this place hosting adult parties, it is also the perfect place to go with your significant other and create pieces that will last forever. After the pottery piece are painted, they're baked to get a glossy finish. Mr. Golden and I went there two years ago and we had a blast. I painted a tea cup and saucer because I am a HUGE tea fanatic {hint hint mom, theme for my bridal}. Mr. Golden painted a trophy with our names on it. Maybe he thinks I'll be his trophy wife, lol.

Here's a picture of me before we started painting:

Here's my finished product. Obviously I must have been giving google eyes to Mr. Golden instead of focusing on my pottery piece because I can assure you that I paint MUCH better than this! lol.
But nevertheless, I still loved the way it came out.

Another fun and youthful place to go on date is Build-A-Bear. My only advice is to go on a week day while the kiddies are in school. Within minutes you and your significant other can make a bear with love, dress it, and get a birth certificate for it. Mr. Golden and I went nuts in this store dressing up our bears and picking out cute accessories. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of our bears because we keep them in our cars, but Mr. Golden named his bear "sea biscuit" and I named mines "ELM" after his initials.

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Blogger AmyJean said...

Great advice... and i do think for those past "the honeymoon stage" its very important to keep the dates going (even if that just entails 30 minutes of uninterrupted conversation on the couch)... its always a good reminder of why your love for one another!

December 19, 2008 at 5:20 AM  

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