Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Something Borrowed, Blue, and Gorgeously New

A little while ago I posted about my something borrowed and blue. The item is my great grandmother's brooch. She is no longer with us but I want to have something of hers with me that would connect me to her spiritually. Originally I was going to attach the brooch to my bouquet, but I've since changed my mind and decided that I will wear it in my hair.
Here's a picture of the brooch:

You're probably thinking, "ok now what are you going to put on your bouquet?" I'm glad you asked! I found this locket brooch and immediately fell in love. Not only will I have her blue brooch in my hair, but I can carry her picture in this gold vintage locket. And perhaps some day, I can pass it on to my little sister or daughter. Even more, maybe one day when I'm no longer here, my grand children or great grand children can read this blog and see how I came to this decision and how the tradition was started. Ok, that's enough, I'm such a sap!

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