Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Seriously, What is Wrong With Me?

I still have not done the invites to my bridal party luncheon. My goal was to have them out early this week, but it looks like they will be getting mailed out early next week. I am working on the design template today and maybe just maybe, if I'm good, I'll be able to mail them out first thing Friday morning.

I guess I've been slacking since technically, all my girls know about the event and have already cleared their schedule off for that day. But notifying them by only phone just won't do- or should I say- is not how I do things.
I've been emailing the embroidery company I'm using back and forth today in order to get the shirts I'm having done for my bridesmaids set up.
Still on my list of things to do:
-Buy ingredients for the lunch
-Put together favor bags
-Update bridesmaid newsletter
-Work on questionnaire {this will help me decide on what to get them as gifts for the wedding}
-Inquire about having the event photographed and filmed to start the process of my wedding documentary for the video montage.

How did my luncheon get this big? lol.



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