Monday, January 12, 2009

To Hyphenate or Not: That is the Question

I always knew that I would hyphenate my name when I got married. It just seemed like the right thing to do. I love my maiden name, it is a part of my identity and I couldn't imagine totally dropping it.

If you knew my family, you would understand why I am so attached to my maiden name. We are a crazy bunch! {in a mostly good way!} There are actions and situations that we have coined after our last name. Certain things that I do, people will automatically say, "Oh yea, she is definitely a {insert maiden name}". It is who I AM!

On the other hand, I love Mr.Golden's name as well and I definitely want to be a part of him. I will have people address me only as my married name after the nuptials because I think it sounds really funny saying "Mrs. Maiden-Married." However, on all legal documents, I will be Mrs. Extra Long Name {total of 28 letters including 1st and middle name}.

Ahhh, this is reminding me of one of my all time favorite childhood books: Tikki Tikki Tembo. Please tell me you remember this book! lol. {the child's name was Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo!}

What do you plan to do?



Blogger AmyJean said...

This is a good one... b/c my last name is Chung and my FH is Fry... So hyphenating would be funny (Chung-Fry) but i always tease him i'm going to do that. I'm considering changing first name to AmyJean (Jean is middle name currently) and then making the last name my middle name and taking his last name... We're still in talks over this one! :)


January 13, 2009 at 5:51 AM  

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