Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Doing the "Do"!

My intent was to talk about limos today since it was the next big thing in line that Mr.Golden and I booked after the venue, photo/video, florist and DJ. But to be honest, I am on my laptop and don't have access to my limo inspiration pictures! lol.

So not to disappoint, I want to talk about how to do the do. And when I say "do" I mean hairstyles! I dream about my wedding day hairstyle. I mean, it is like the one day in my life when I'll need my hair to cooperate with me and be nice for once!

When I started thinking of hairstyles, I really tried to take into consideration how Mr. Golden likes my hair. He loves when my hair is down and in spiral or drop curls. I love spiral and drop curls too, I just hate sleeping pretty with my head propped up and waking up with a crick in my neck the next day just to avoid the curls from getting flat. Now of course I will be getting my hair styled on the actual day of my wedding, but through my thought process, I ran into some other obstacles.

My first obstacle was my hair stylist! I approached her with the idea that I should have two wedding hairstyles: All down for the ceremony and then up for the reception. While she didn't say no, she wasn't too thrilled at the idea. When I thought about getting my hair re-styled while cocktail hour food was being served, I became less than thrilled at the idea, too. I have to mention that I have a fantastic relationship with my hair stylist since she has been doing my hair since I was a teenager and while we keep things professional when neccessary, she is basically family and will be a guest at my wedding as well.

My second option was to do a half up-half down style with spiral curls. Imagine how lovely a veil would look with wavy curls framing my face as I walk down the aisle:

One day out the blue reality hit me and I thought, "Whoa nelly, hold your horses. You're getting married JULY! One of the hottest, humid, months of the year!" And then my dream was crushed. I realized having any little piece of my hair down in the summer could potentially prove to be lethal. We'll be taking pictures outside, our ceremony is outside, and I will be partying like a rock star at my reception! Curls wouldn't stand a chance, and I refuse to look like this lady on my wedding day: (no offense lady!)

So I got to thinking and I decided that an updo is my best bet. And besides, Mr. Golden loves my hair no matter how I wear it -so long as I don't chop it off. I guess a part of me had been avoiding updos because I look back with embarrassment at my high school prom updo with the ultra stiff hair piled high on the top of my head. But that was indeed years ago, and updos can be elegant without being prom-ish. These hairstyles are what I have in mind:

I really love the second and third photos. I will not be wearing a tiara on my head because it is just not my type. But to spruce up my hair, I would love to add some swarovski hair pins inside the pin curls. Crises adverted!

Oh, and if you're wondering if I totally ditched the idea of my half up-half down hairstyle, the answer is: Not At All! I will be using that style for our engagement pictures and my secret boudoir photo shoot!

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