Friday, December 12, 2008

I just might be on to something...

Mr. Golden and I love to take photos. Not only do they tell a story, but many poses have ways of repeating themselves. We took the following picture on our 3rd {I} anniversary. When the pictures got developed, everyone commented how it looks as though we're exchanging vows. Even though that's not what we were intending to do when we actually took the picture, now that I sit & think about it, I do have to agree that it looks that way.

This led me to an idea. I would like to take a similar pose for our engagement pictures next year. And of course we'll have pictures like this on the day we get married. My plan is to then take all three pictures, {dating, engaged, and married} and put them in a frame like so:
I really love the frame turned this way:

Here's another way of displaying it:

I think this will be a great way of showing the history of our relationship and our "signature pose"!



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