Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shopping Over the Holiday Weekend

As my food digested on Thanksgiving Day, I contemplated back and forth if I wanted to conjure up the energy to hit up the shopping outlets at 12AM like all the other crazed Black Friday shoppers.  Ultimately, I punked out and retreated to bed.  By Saturday I was eager to get out there and see what the stores had.

I've been in total "home mode" lately.  I can go out with the intention to get something much needed for myself and end up buying something for our future home.  It's all I ever think about- even more than the wedding.

Today, with no particular thing in mind to buy, I stumbled across the perfect wall art to compliment the bathroom set I'm registered for.

This is the bathroom set:

And here is my lucky find for our future bathroom walls:

As I happily made my way to the register, I also spotted these monogrammed butter spreads and needless to say, I had to get them, too:

I'm trying not to go overboard on the "home buying" because my shower is right around the corner, but some things are just hard to pass up.  I'm making a conscious effort to stay away from kitchen appliances, pots, plates, and bedding- but everything else is up for grabs!

Did anyone else do some shopping over the holiday weekend?

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quick Side Note to Share!

All the time I was absent from this blog, I was working on something very dear to me.  Now I feel like it's time I share that with you.  

Topaz Event Design is my event planning company.  If you like what you read here, I can assure you that you'll love my other blog even more.

Golden Moments will continue to be a personal blog of my journey to "I do" and beyond, so please continue to stay here with me!


8 months and counting!

Maybe I'm in denial, but I refuse to believe that November is almost over!  I mean really, where did this year go?!?  I am 8 months away from the big day.  Here's what's been going on:

New Shower Location: BOOKED
Originally my shower was going to be outside, but we had to push the date up to the middle of April.  My mom was a little skeptical of how the weather would be so we started looking for other alternatives.  Our new venue is a blank space and we're going to bring everything in {linens, catering, decorations}.  Last Saturday we went to see the space in person and it was perfect.  I love working with a blank canvas so things are okay in this area.  

I went from not being allowed to know anything about my shower, to knowing only the date and place, to being involved in the planning!  I even have my outfit already.  It's not that I don't like prizes and it's not that I'm a micro manager- I just like to be prepared!  Plus with my career, it would have been really hard to pick a date without telling me.  Soooo, I guess my baby shower can be a surprise in a few years!

Wedding Jewelry:  Almost Booked
Just like my wedding dress, I am having my jewelry custom made.  There's actually a part of my dress that has jewelry on it {I know it sounds weird, but once I finally reveal what my dress looks like it will all make sense}.  I'm going to see my dress designer today to be measured for the part where the jewelry will go, and once I have those measurements I can finally place the order for my jewelry so that all my pieces can match.

Bridesmaid Gifts:  Soon! 
I'm waiting to catch the holiday sales for this.  In fact, I was even considering going to the outlets at 12am on black Friday to see what I can find, but I haven't quite made up my mind yet if I'm going to go through with that plan!

And sadly, as happy as I am about the holidays being here, it makes me a little sad that this is my last Thanksgiving and Christmas at home.  Usually I'm the potato peeler or the collard greens washer & cutter, but this year will be different!  I will have my hiney in the kitchen getting down with momma because I need to be prepared to do this on my own next year in my own house!

Don't get me wrong, I know how to cook, and I cook really good when I decide to cook.  But I've never made a Thanksgiving meal, and honestly, it sounds quite intimidating!  I'll take pictures of my Thanksgiving Cooking 101 course and blog about it!

Stay tuned!

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