Friday, May 22, 2009

The Engagement Shoot

I won't have the proofs for about two weeks, but in the meantime I'll sum up the experience. The day started off crazy. My mother couldn't go with me as planned and I was irritated about that and something else. By the time I got to the make up trial I was ok, but the moment I left and got back on the road, I begin to feel the onset of a migraine.

I was planning to get a manicure on the way home but my head began to hurt so bad and I was running around on an empty stomach {I should have known better}. By the time I got home I felt as though I were going to puke. I barely found the strength to eat a plate of rice and take Advil.

I rested for an hour and then it was time to get dressed. I started working at a slow pace but overall I was just in a funky mood. Naturally {but wrongfully}, I started taking my attitude out on Mr.Golden when I thought he wasn't going to make it in time. We were bickering all the way up until we saw the photographer and then we put on our best fake smile and said, "Hi! Nice to see you again" in unison. {lol, don't act like we're the only couple who does this!}

Comically, the photographer didn't pick up on our beef. Instead, he found an area that he wanted to shoot us in. We got there and he positioned us, then said, "Ok, now KISS!" We scrunched up our faces at each other like two toddlers being forced to make up, neither wanting to be the first to give in. But we kissed and then laughed at how silly we were acting.

The rest of the shoot went off without a hitch. We did two locations and two outfits a piece. I can't wait to see the pictures and share them with you all!

Have a great weekend to all, and much love to The Buckeyed Bride and her fiancee for their wedding this Saturday. Congratulations sweetie. I feel like I know you already! You're going to make a beautiful bride, enjoy your day mama!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Make Up Trial Review

Ok, I must preface this by saying that I was very nervous. I was so scared that I would look like a corpse because in general we've all seen botched up make up jobs. I was also nervous of what Mr.Golden's reaction would be because although I wear eye shadow and liner on a regular basis {and as of recent I've started drawing in my eyebrows because my tattoo is faded}, I never-ever-ever wear any kind of foundation, blush, or cream because thankfully I've never had the need to.

So without further ado, here is a before picture:
When asked by the makeup artist how I want to look on my wedding day, I replied, "I want to look radiant, like I'm glowing...sun an Egyptian Goddess {whatever that looks like, lol}." Here's what she came up with:

Close up of the eyes:

Different lighting {more true to color}:
And after a whole day of taking engagement pictures outside and getting sweaty, here I am at the end of the night:

I absolutely loved my makeup. Like I'm literally about to go to bed after publishing this post and I don't even feel like washing my face {yuck! lol}. What's even more encouraging to know is that Mr.Golden loved it, and knowing that makes me feel like a Goddess!

I'll let you know how the engagement shoot went tomorrow!


Like a Virgin...

My face will be "touched for the very first time."

Today is my make up trial. Lots of emotions running through me: excited, nervous, giddy, etc. I thought I would have to go through this experience alone, but due to a turn of unexpected events, my mom will accompany me!

I will post pictures tomorrow of how it came out along with an overview of how my engagement photoshoot turned out on Friday's post! Yikes, this is starting to feel real!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wedding Nightmares

Sometimes I fall asleep thinking about the sweet memories I want to make on my wedding day only to wake up a few hours into the night sweating and in a panic. We've all been there before- they're called wedding nightmares.

My most recent one was about a week ago when the media was going crazy over swine flu and this is how it unfolded:

My male cousin, who is also a groomsmen got extremely sick and had to be taken to the hospital. He has been looking forward to this wedding forever. On his way to the hospital he had tears in his eyes {250 + lb. marine/club bouncer}. It broke my heart that he was going to miss the whole wedding.

Fast forward to cocktail hour, I was looking all over for Mr.Golden because it was almost time for our introduction. I couln't find him or the the photographers. I was going crazy because I didn't want the guests to go inside the reception room until after all my little details that I spent years planning got photographed. Somebody came up to tell me that Mr.Golden was sick too and had to leave and the photographers were nowhere to be found.

I broke down crying in my dress that everything was going terribly wrong. I kept saying "all this money we wasted! all this money and I have absolutely nothing to show for it. no groom, no pictures, nothing. all this money down the drain and I will never get this day back. we could have bought a house! now I have nothing!"

Isn't that scary? I mean, when you think of it, it is a lot of money, time and energy being put into one day and no garauntee that everything will go according to plan. It's not an investment, but almost a gamble. I trust all my vendors so that's not my concern at all, but there's no way to control sickness or any other acts of nature. As a person who likes to be in control and have it all together all the time- it's very scary to acknowldge.

In high school, I was planning to go to the prom in 11th grade with a bunch of friends that I had in the 12th grade. I had my ticket, an outfit and shoes picked out and was on my way to get my nails done 2 days before prom when I fell terribly ill with salmonella poisoning from something I ate {I have never been more sick in my life}. I was messed up for two weeks and missed out on everything. Ever since then, I will NOT eat food in public the week before a big event. Nothing is promsed. But all I can do is pray and hope for the best.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Wedding Day Outfit

I wonder if anyone was as anal over what they would wear the morning of their wedding while getting ready. It was a constant thought for me. My wedding is in July so I knew comfort would be key. I needed something that wouldn't make me overheat and have me sweating like a coca cola bottle at a BBQ.

Before I show you what I bought, let me show you what I didn't decide on.

Gaucho pants: source
These seemed to be the rave a few years ago and could easily be found all over. They're not as easy to find now, but I did eye a few pairs at Target. However, when I tried them on, I didn't really like the way they looked on me. I wanted them in white, and they were SUPER see through. I had to pass.

I love my police officer T-shirt: source
This was a strong option. I want to include Mr.Golden's profession as much and as tastefully possible since it is a huge factor on the decisions we make as a couple. But the fact that it was a t-shirt didn't sit well with me. I don't want to pull anything over my head after my hair gets done {except my dress}.

So with both of those contenders out, I decided on a terry-cloth capri and hoodie set. Terry-cloth is a super soft material and allows air to come through. Although I purchased it in white, it's not as see through as the gaucho pants. I decided to just go nakey under the hoodie {I just have to remember not to unzipper it in front of my family while getting ready!}

The pictures don't really do it much justice but there are little rhinestones on the zipper pull of the hoodie and the draw string hole of the capris

I don't want to go overboard with personalization, but I do plan to get the jacket engraved in the front. It will say:
Mrs. M-------
Est. 7.22.10

Have you thought about your wedding day outfit yet?

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

T Minus 3 Days to E-pics!

Finding two outfits for my engagement shoot has not been easy. I wanted to have one casual outfit and then something more spiffy. After weeks of being on the prowl I finally put together the casual outfit. Mr. Golden and I take out pictures this coming Wednesday and with Monday and Tuesday being busy days for me, I only have today to seal the deal on a second outfit.

The pressure is on but I'm not going to vent because I had two shopping successes last week. The first happened while in search for the dress I'm in need of. Instead of finding the dress, I stumbled on the exact outfit I've envisioned wearing the morning of my wedding. Instant score, and it was 30% off.

The second happened on my daily trip to get a cup a tea. I stumbled on a side walk sale of ... oh wait I can't say what it was because then I'll reveal the secret. Let's just say I found my save the dates for a sweet price that's unbeatable. More on both of these fantastic finds a little later, but for now here is a little sneak peak of what I will be wearing for my casual portion of the engagement shoot.

The jeans I bought are similar to this style: source

The shirt is similar to this in style: source

Cross your fingers that I find a dress today and that it doesn't rain on Wednesday!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

May the Force Be With Me!

In just a few short months I will be undergoing a major mission- a task many have tried to conquer, but only a few have survived to talk about. I will need much preparation and the best equipment know to mankind.

You're probably thinking that I'm about to climb Mount Everest, and your guess is close. But really, I will be deciphering RSVP's for my invites! From past experience I can't believe how many people will fail to put a return address on the envelope. For past events, I have received RSVP's that said "yes we're coming!" yet I had no idea who "we" was.

After searching high and low, I think I found the go-go gadget I've been missing in my life. Feast your eyes on the future {lol}:

This secret decoder pen should be strong enough for my mission, but it is actually made for children {they have it so good!}. I found it at U.S. Toy Company and I plan to test it out first to see if it will still decode messages after 8 weeks. If I have the green light to proceed, each RSVP will be given a number that corresponds with the guest using the secret ink. As I get back RSVP's with no name, I'll use the decoder to see who the anonymous responder is.

I'll keep you posted!

.....that's inspector Goldie to you!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Right Hand Girl

Standing next to every good woman is always a good...woman! No it's not a typo, I'm talking about my Maid of Honor {MOH}. I always knew that when I got married my cousin Nikki would be my MOH. We are two months apart and have built a strong relationship over the years.

I've mentioned before that I have an older half sister on my father's side who I love dearly, but growing up she did not live with us and I didn't get to see her that much. My cousin often felt like the sister I never had.

I was surfing the web the other day when I found the following picture. My jaw dropped and then came the "awwww". I can not wait for the photographer to catch a shot like this of Nikki and I on the big day. And I'm sure her smile will be even bigger!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Ace

With Mother's Day just around the corner, today's post is about the lovely lady in my life. I know most girls say that their mother is their best friend, but SERIOUSLY, my mom is my life. My mom had me when she was 18 years old and even though she was merely a child herself, I can't remember a time in my life when she wasn't there. She grew up fast, embraced her role as a mother, and has been there for me every step of the way. One of the greatest things she has taught me is to alway have the courage to follow my dreams. She is my number one fan and supporter with any endeavor I pursue.

People always say to me, "Wow, your mother must be so proud of you" to which I reply, "Yes she is, but I'm really proud of her." She is the woman, wife, and mother that I've always aspired to be. Now that my brother and sister {twins} are in the picture, we don't get to spend as much one on one time together {I was the only child for 16 years with the exception of my older half sister on my father's side}, but one of my favorite moments in the day is when my father and the twins are sleep and my mom and I have our night-cap in the living room to talk about any and everything.

I thoroughly get saddened about the thought of leaving home next year. I often joke around with my mother that the doctor's never cut the umbilical cord. I don't even know how to end this blog post because there's so much to say, but...

On the day of the wedding she will be the only one in the room while the dress maker is dressing me. I'm sure it will be an emotional moment with her probably trying to calm me down...

Only for the both of us to start crying.

photo credit: Holritz Photography

And she will escort me down the aisle along with my father...not "giving me away" but giving me the opportunity to be a wonderful wife to my soon to be husband as she has been to hers.

photo credit: Jennifer Bowen Photography

Thank you for everything mom. I love you immensely!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Scene: Invitations...Take 3...Action!

Over the weekend I ordered samples of what will hopefully make up part of my invitations. I don't have the full design figured out, but little by little I'm getting there. This will be part II {actually part III, but I plead the 5th on that!} for me with invitations so I'm taking it slow this time around!

I can't wait until this wedding is over so I can get my sanity back!

(these aren't my invites, but I thought they were gorgeous enough to share!)