Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pimp My Ride!

Like flowers, limousines and I had a love-hate relationship in the beginning. I couldn't fathom paying close to what I pay five months in car notes for something I didn't partially own or would ride in for less than 3 hours. But boy oh boy, the joys of being a bride! When we want something, we have to have it!

I researched limo companies high and low because I heard some horror stories about wedding day limo mishaps. I originally thought about a Rolls Royce for myself but I was a little concerned about vintage cars because although they're refurbished with A.C., I've heard that they can still be hot. With my wedding being in July, the last thing I need is to have beads of sweat pouring down my body in a limo before I see Mr. Golden.

To keep the cost of limos down I had a conversation with Mr Golden, and it went something like this:

Me: "Ya know babe, all we really need are two stretch Lincolns to get us to the reception hall. I don't mind riding in the limo with the bridal party."

Mr. Golden: "A LINCOLN! I'm not riding in no stinkin' Lincoln."

Me: "What! Are you serious?"

Mr. Golden: "Yeah I'm serious. That's so generic, you always see Lincolns. I want something different."

Ugh! Men. Why are they so difficult? So since Mr. Groomzilla, I mean Mr. Golden wanted an upgrade, I decided I wanted one too. When I thought about it, I really don't want to be in the limo with my bridal party on the way to the reception. I know that I will be really nervous and if someone were to ask me if I felt excited or nervous on my wedding day before seeing Mr. Golden, I think I might turn bridezilla on them. I love when I see a bridal party limo processional and catch a glimpse of the bride in a grand limo with her parents. What I envision is a quiet, intimate ride with my parents in something spectacular!

My heart skipped a beat when I seen the Bentley Flying Spur.

I'll go one step further to say that it totally stopped beating when I seen the price. :-O

But not to fret because my limo company was very accommodating with me. We were able to come to a price that made me feel as though I had stole something as I walked out of the show room! I can't wait to ride in that beautiful Bentley on my wedding day. And for only two hours of my life, I'll get to see how Jay Z and Beyonce feel on an everyday basis!

For the bridal party we settled on the Cadillac DTS for Mr. Golden and his guys, and I booked the "stinkin" Lincoln for my bridesmaids since I don't find it so "stinkin" and they will only ride in it for all of an hour. We also have a limo to pick us up at the end of the night.

This is the look that I think will capture my emotions before seeing Mr. Golden. Dontcha just want to know what she's thinking about at this very moment?

And my photographer HAS to get a shot of me and my dad like this:

My advice to others in search of limos: Don't be discouraged by the prices you see on the sheet of paper they give you when you walk in. Most of the time, they're just "suggested" prices. Most places will be willing to work with you and give you a deal. Weigh your options. If you're a bride like me that is getting married at the reception hall and only need one pick up and drop off, see if you can negotiate the time of the rental. Some places base their limo packages on a 3 hr. time constraint. If you know you will only need two hours, talk to them to see if they can work around that. Most importantly, make sure the limo company actually owns their limos and doesn't outsource cars from other places. When you are in the midst of limo shopping, be sure to actually see the inventory of cars and sit in them to check the quality of the inside.



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