Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bridal Party Lucheon- Pt. II

So yesterday I laid out the overall plan for my bridesmaid luncheon, but there's more!

Ok, here's the thing about me. I love culture, and not just my culture, but ALL cultures. Although I'm not Irish, I begged Mr. Golden to no avail about having a bagpiper at our wedding. My mother {who happens to be missing a few cards in her} swears that she's breaking glass and saying "Mazel Tov!" at the wedding. And if the ceilings weren't so low at my venue, I just migh have had people hold me up in the air in my chair.

But to bring it back to reality, I'm not going to be doing those traditions because besides not wanting my guests to look at me as though I've lost my royal mind, they're really not authentic to my wedding day. However, that does not mean I can't have some pre-wedding fun with them!

To cut right to the chase, I'm going to turn my bridesmaid luncheon into a Mehndi party!

According to Wikipedia, "Mehndi is the application of Henna as a temporary form of skin decoration, in South Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Somalia as well as expatriate communities from these areas. Mehndi decorations became fashionable in the West in the late 1990s, where they are sometimes called henna tattoos."

In a nutshell, I LOVE IT. Everytime I see it done on T.V., I wish I could trade cultures! I had it done about a year ago at a carnival and it was great. I thought it would be a wonderful treat for my bridesmaids and I. Here are some of my favorite designs:




Mr. Golden thinks I'm absolutely nuts but he loves and accepts me this way! What are your thoughts?

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