Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bridesmaid Luncheon!

Asking your favorite ladies to be apart of your bridal party in chic, cutesy ways seems to be the route many brides-to-be are taking these days. There's so many things to make the "asking" special such as "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" poems, and personalized cards and trinkets.

Unfortunately for me, I was so excited when I got engaged that I just asked my girls immediately after telling them I received the ring. Had I just breathed for just a split second, I would have probably jumped on the cutesy she-she-foo-foo bandwagon ways of asking my ladies in waiting.

Instead, I have been waiting and anticipating for January 2009 to host a Bridal Party Luncheon!!! Ahh, so you want to know what this entails?

Well, it's going to be a small but tasteful affair held at my grandmother's house. I chose my grandmother's house because it's intimate and spacious enough for this type of gathering. It is also the place where my girls and I will get dressed at on my wedding day.

Each lady will receive an invitation which I intend to design. {pictures to come!}

On the day of, each lady will get:

A custom embroidered bridesmaids shirt. {This is not how it will look, but I just decided not to leave you picture-less!}

A bridesmaid newletter edited and published by yours truly. It will act as a way of keeping the ladies updated about fittings, meetings, and deadlines. {Truth is, I personally just enjoy making}



A gift bag filled with some trinkets. So far on the list, I have: scented candles, pack of tissue w/ design on it, lip gloss. {I will be hitting up stores for the post holiday sales for more stuff}

And for the menu:

Appetizer & Dinner
Spaghetti w/ fresh italian garlic bread

Chocolate covered strawberries
Pineapple coconut cake
Vanilla icecream


I can not wait! What's even better is that I'm reveiling the big surprise about the luncheon in tomorrow's blog! Stay tuned!

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Blogger An Atlanta Bride said...

I really wanted to comprise a newsletter for my girls but other priorities came into play. Maybe I'll eventually get one out!

December 4, 2008 at 9:00 AM  

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