Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fantastic Finds!

I love all aspects of shopping. Every store is a new opportunity to find some type of treasure. I even value window shopping. I have a different outlook on things when I shop. I will literally walk up and down every aisle for inspiration. I find the most unique items and best deals when I'm not even looking for anything in particular.

I bought a fantastic pair of candleabras with intentions to decorate the start of the aisle when I was thisclose to signing a contract at another reception venue a few months ago. That venue didn't provide any ceremony decoration and I wanted to spuce it up a bit. Although I've decided not to get married there, and my new reception venue provides ceremony decorations, I would still love to find a place to incorporate these candleabras. Check them out:

I have decided to put them on the sides of the sweetheart table and I'm guessing that they will look divine in my future dining room!



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